Long Life Technologies – Living Forever and Birth Spacing Requirements

The other day, we are having a conversation at our think tank about the future of human longevity. You see, there are a number of people working with Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Institute and it appears that many technologies are coming together rapidly which may actually help us find a cure for something very important; old age. Interestingly enough as modern medicine works to solve problems with diseases, viruses, and genetic health issues, these Kurzweil is working on something which is actually more important.

You see, anyone who has ever lived has died, most of them died of old age, although some had died in wars, car accidents, natural disasters, and from diseases. Old-age kills everyone eventually that is if they make it to the ripe old age without having an accident or some other life tragedy or catastrophe. Now then, let’s say we solve the problem of old age, and what if people could live to be 150 years old, or 250 years, or maybe 600.

If they could live that long surely by then our technology would be so advanced they could live forever. Or maybe they would terminate their life experience in the organic form in a different way; death by robot. This would be where the organic parts are replaced with robotic parts until eventually you don’t have any organic parts left. Yes, this was a futuristic conversation at our think tank, but you get the idea.

Now then, that presents another problem. What about overpopulation of Earth? If everyone lived forever, and they all had offspring, then all of their offspring and everyone who has ever lived in the past would still be living today. Interestingly enough if everyone who has ever lived was still living today, that would more than double today’s population. Now then if you are concerned with the overpopulation issue, perhaps you might want to read this book;

“Humans: An Endangered Species – The Only Solution” by Jason G. Brent, Self-Published, Las Vegas, NV, 2012, 121 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9854129-6.

In the book, the author discusses some of the challenges with increased longevity. How might we solve that if people did live for hundreds of years? We would have to come up with some sort of rule for birth spacing. In other words each person would be allowed to either have a clone, or only one person per couple to ensure that we didn’t run away with overpopulation on Earth’s resources. To do this properly the birth spacing would be critical.

In other words it would be okay to practice making babies, but you wouldn’t want to make very many. Perhaps you wouldn’t be allowed to have a child until you were 100 years old, seeing as you probably live to be 500. Anyway this is an interesting philosophical conundrum to discuss as mankind has yet to get to this problem, much less consider how to solve it. Please consider all this and think on it.